Geek Vape Sonder Q Kit


Compatible with Q Cartridge Pod

0.8Ω Coil

1000mAh Long Lasting Battery

Adjustable Airflow

Buttonless Draw Activation

Tank Capacity: 2ml



Product Description

What is the Geek Vape Sonder Q?

The Sonder Q is a refillable vape pod cartridge with a long battery life and adjustable airflow. It is also lightweight and easy to carry. The Sonder Q is compatible with Geekvape Q Cartridges, which means you can use it for both mouth-to-lung and restricted direct-to-lung vaping. Geekvape claims that the Sonder Q has a mellower taste and longer lifespan than other vape pods.

How to Use the Sonder Q?

  1. Snap off the drip tip and fill the cartridge from the top.
  2. Make sure the cap is on tight before you start using it.
  3. There is no button to turn the Sonder Q on, it automatically starts when you inhale.
  4. You can adjust the airflow by using the switch on the side.
  5. The “SONDER” light will change colour to show you the battery level.
  6. When the red light blinks 5 times and the device stops working, it means the battery is low and you need to charge it.

Puffs from a Sonder Q pod

The Sonder Q pod vape can provide up to two days consistent flavour and stable output of up to 20 watts of power, from the in-built 1000 mAh battery.

Variety of Flavours

Available in over 30 flavours, the Sonder Q offers a diverse selection. The most popular flavours in 2023 include Blueberry, Lemon & Lime, Mango Baby and Strawberry.

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