Face Masks

Face masks are designed to prevent the wearer from inhaling smaller airborne pathogen. We supply surgical and non-surgical face masks to GP surgeries, care homes, businesses and homes in the United Kingdom. You can also contact us for any exports requirements. Face masks are categorised as follows:

Re-useable Fabric Masks Non medical with no rating, can be rated with FFP1 which consists of 1-3 layers. Commonly used by the general public in non-hazardous environments.
Medical / Surgical Masks Used by medical professional and as recommended by the NHS. The effectiveness varies by rating, Type IIR (FFP2) and the face-fit tested N95 / KN95. These face masks are used in high pollution and during a pandemic or influenza season.
Respirators Rated with KN99/N99 (FFP3) often used in the front-line staff including intensive care units and other high-risk environments such as building sites and factories.

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