Face Masks

Face masks are designed to prevent the wearer from inhaling smaller airborne pathogen. We supply surgical and non-surgical face masks to GP surgeries, care homes, businesses and homes in the United Kingdom. You can also contact us for any exports requirements. Face masks are categorised as follows:

Re-useable Fabric Masks Non medical with no rating, can be rated with FFP1 which consists of 1-3 layers. Commonly used by the general public in non-hazardous environments.
Medical / Surgical Masks Used by medical professional and as recommended by the NHS. The effectiveness varies by rating, Type IIR (FFP2) and the face-fit tested N95 / KN95. These face masks are used in high pollution and during a pandemic or influenza season.
Respirators Rated with KN99/N99 (FFP3) often used in the front-line staff including intensive care units and other high-risk environments such as building sites and factories.

MHRA Registered: We are MHRA approved licence holder, working closely with the National Health Service (NHS) regularly supplying wholesale medical products. This demonstrates our level of commitment to quality and excellence. We also work closely with many other types of business in the United Kingdom.

Who we work with: We work closely with GP surgeries, hotels, nursing homes and care homes and many other businesses in the United Kingdom.

Can’t find your product? If you cannot find your item we can often source it for you so please contact us.

Global Orders: If you are situated outside of the United Kingdom we may also be able to help, please contact us for a tailed quotation including shipping.

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