About MK Medicals

MK Medicals UK Limited is located in Greater London just off the M25 making our warehouse conveniently located to serve London and other parts of the United Kingdom.

Founded in 2013, MK Medicals Limited was incorporated after the management team saw a gap in the market to provide high quality personalised medical services.

Our focus is always on supplying medical products and maintaining our high standards of service.

MK Medicals has become a first tier medical supplier to public sector organisations as well as many premier private organisations, who require high standards, sensitive to privacy and a personalised delivery service.

As our Medical Supplies business has grown and our customer requests for us to assist their business, we have expanded our services to meet their bespoke needs such as direct-to-patient ordering portals for organisations offering Quit Smoking products (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) for more information click here.  

MK Medicals has recently joined forces with Safecare Eco Holdings to pioneer a groundbreaking solution for combating water pollution stemming from agricultural runoff, sewage discharges, and various contaminants. We offer an eco-friendly technology designed to efficiently cleanse and eliminate pollutants while preserving our delicate ecosystems. For more information click here.

Our Mission Statement; "Your complete peace of mind knowing your delivery promises are met"

Registered Office & Warehouse

Unit 7 Capital Industrial Estate, Crabtree Manorway South, Belvedere DA17 6BJ


All non-credit account customers are required to pay the Company at the time of placing the order by credit, debit or bank transfer via a proforma invoice. We accept purchase orders from NHS hospitals, clinics, government bodies and schools. Please email or fax the order to us, and we will process it. An invoice will be sent on delivery. For credit account customers, payment of the invoice shall be due within 30 days of the invoice. For accounts enquiries, please email us: accounts@mkmedicalsuk.com

Our Management Team

Our management team possesses over 25 years of experience in medical and supply services; and a combined business and financial entrepreneurial skills and expertise of over 50 years, constituting an experienced and resourceful business.

Mohamed Khalil
Managing Director

Mohamed established MK Medicals UK in 2013 after having worked within the medical industry. A qualified Scientist in histopathology in the UK for over 15 years. He has worked within this industry since he was a young man and started from the grass roots, and has been an entrepreneur for the last 10 years successfully starting up and running several profitable businesses and charities.

Issa Noor
Deputy Managing Director

Issa is a qualified IT personnel and has been working with several businesses that he has set up previously as well as working with local authorities organising all their transport especially for the disabled and disadvantaged children. Issa has been working with business for over 30 years especially for charities and has built up experiences which are valuable for MK Medicals UK.

Ibrahim Mohamed
Accounts Manager

Ibrahim is our accounts lead and has worked with us since 2016 dealing with all accounts related tasks as well as the smooth running of MK Medicals as a whole. Ibrahim is taking the lead in ensuring the high standards of customer service are maintained and the client experience with MK Medicals is always the best.

Sarah Saeed
Health Care Liason Officer

Sarah Saeed is a registered staff nurse and has been working for NHS Trust for over 15 years.  She takes lead and has been doing so over 10 years at several wards she has been rotating.  Sarah advises and liaises with hospitals to get insight into the needs and demands for the healthcare requirements.  She is an asset to MK Medicals UK as she speaks fluent Arabic dealing with our Arabic clients in the middle east.

Gary D'Arcy
Green Innovations Consultant

Gary has been involved in the world of biochemistry for over 15 years and has a wealth of experience in bringing plant-based chemistries to market offering a safer and greener alternative to customers. With a track record in manufacturing bio-surfactants and over 50 years in the corporate world in one form or another, Gary is well-placed to understand the broader environmental landscape we operate in and ever-changing customer needs.

Paul Johnson
Procurement Source Manager

Paul is our Sales and Procurement Manager.  He has abundant resources in the UK and Abroad. Paul has 30 years experience setting up businesses and growing them to reach the next level as well as having a certain understanding of UK culture and business.  Paul has proved to be invaluable with the contacts and procurement of medical and stationery products that fits the stringent criteria of the UK and European market.

Colin Evans
Logistics & Warehouse Manager

Colin has been in the logistics and delivery business sector for 20 years in the UK. His operational experience has stood him well with his changing family circumstances and transition into the office based role of logistical coordinator.

Dan Easton
Chief Technology Officer

Dan is our CTO.  Dan has over 20 years experience in IT as well as business development and client servicing roles across a spectrum of IT expertise from advertising, branding, digital, events to research. He is accustomed to bringing brands to life in a fast-paced environment and applying business acumen to products and services bespoke to individual companies.

Gianfranco Quintana

Gianfranco possesses enterpreneurial expertise and has gained experience working with variety of companies in the UK and Europe.

Mohammed Al-Habsi
Middle East Representative

Mohammed is the company’s representative for the Middle East . He possesses exceptional clinical and laboratory knowledge as well as deep technical understanding of business and health sector industry.

Arnaud Compas
EU Representative

Arnaud has a tremendous knowledge of the EU market with his astounding communication skills and team building.  Mr Arnaud helps facilitate the successful growth of partnership we have with our EU based clients and partners.

Halima Ahmed
Liason Officer

Halima is our Liaison officer, overseeing the positive working relationship between MK Medicals and clients. She builds and maintains mutual beneficiary relationships, facilitating communications and coordinating a business rapport with the goal to work efficiently through a mutual problem or concern.