Aspire Bear Pro Max R1 Hybrid Vape

Hybrid partically reusable vape

10,000 puffs (15x longer than disposables)

Nicotine Strength: 20mg/ml

Coil Resistance: 0.8 Ω

Tank Capacity: 2.0ml

Includes: 3x 10ml liquids



Product Description

Refill and recharge with the BEAR Pro MAX, a 10,000 puff vape featuring a TPD compliant 2ml tank and packed with three bottles of mouth-watering 10ml BEAR Pro MAX Salts in every box.

Compliant & Registered
The BEAR Pro Max is fully compliant with TPD and UK laws, and the device and ECIDs are listed on the MHRA list of compliant e-cigarettes. It features a 2ml tank that is refillable with three bottles of BEAR Pro MAX nic salts in every box, allowing the user to enjoy over 10,000 puffs from every device, before the coils reaches the end of its life.

The BEAR Pro Max is a 10000 puff disposable vape that come with three bottles of mouth-watering BEAR Nic Salts in every box, so you can refill, recharge and vape for longer. Featuring USB Type-C fast charging and a long lasting battery for all-day vaping, the BEAR Pro Max is available in ten delicious flavours including the UK’s best e-liquid flavours like Creamy Tobacco, Melon Mix and classics like Super Mint and Blueberry Raspberry.

Pro Hit
Experience the professional draw and performance of the BEAR Pro MAX, a 10,000 puff vape boasting Aspire’s leading 0.8 mesh coil for a genuine pro hit and ultimate longevity. Its sub ohm coil provides the perfect balance of airflow and resistance that leads to a satisfying vape every time.

Refill and recharge with the BEAR Pro Max. Featuring world renown Aspire hardware with its industry leading R1 device, the BEAR Pro Max vape is refillable and rechargeable making it longer lasting than standard disposable vapes and produces far less electronic waste per user.

The BEAR Pro MAX device has been specifically designed with a true MTL draw for that genuine disposable vape feel that closely matches the tactile sensation of smoking a cigarette, making it ideal for ex-smokers looking for an alternative to harmful tobacco and new vapers who are used to the feeling of disposable vapes.

Max Taste
Alongside world leading hardware, the BEAR Pro MAX features UK made nic salts with incredible flavour and maximum taste. When partnered with the inbuilt Aspire mesh coil, the BEAR Pro MAX produces unrivalled flavour like you’ve never experienced before.

BEAR Pro Max refills showcase our latest range of mouth-watering e-liquid concentrates inspired by best disposable vape flavours, providing 20mg/ml of smooth salt nicotine in every bottle. Each BEAR Pro MAX device comes with three 10ml bottles in the box, allowing you to effortlessly achieve 10,000 puffs as you can refill and recharge the device until the coil reaches the end of its lifecycle.

Our UK made e-liquids and nic salts are crafted to the highest standards and all have been fully tested by the MHRA and are UK compliant. As our liquids are manufactured in the UK in our Vape Manufacturing centre located in the heart of Derbyshire, which means not only does every purchase support local UK businesses, you can be sure your e-liquids are safe and of premium quality.

Longest Lasting Disposable Vape with True MTL Feel
As well as providing a high puff count with 10,000 puffs, the BEAR Pro Max is designed with a tighter draw for an authentic mouth-to-lung (MTL) airflow that provides incredible flavour from the first drop to the last. This makes it an ideal for ex-smokers who need to closely replicate the sensation of smoking a real tobacco cigarette without the harmful combustable tobacco. Thanks to its high-performance mesh coil, the BEAR Pro Max is designed for all-day-vaping and can provide 10,000 puffs before the coil reaches the end of its lifecycle.

Refillable Disposable Vape with 10,000 Puffs
Using a refillable and rechargeable disposable vape offers a myriad of benefits, including significant cost savings over time and a reduced environmental impact due to fewer disposables being discarded. These systems allow for a high degree of customisation in e-liquid choice, ensuring a consistent and improved vaping experience. Furthermore, they typically boast a longer battery life, enhanced safety features, and superior vapour production compared to single-use disposables. Proper maintenance ensures they remain a more sustainable and satisfying option for vapers.

Cost Efficiency: Over time, refillable systems can save users money as buying e-liquid in larger quantities is often more cost-effective than continuously purchasing disposable units.

Customisation: Refillable vapes allow users to mix and match different e-liquids, providing flexibility in choosing nicotine strengths and flavours. This customisation can enhance the vaping experience based on individual preferences.

Better Vapour Production: Often, refillable and rechargeable vapes provide better vapour production and a more satisfying throat hit compared to many single-use disposables.

Eco-Friendliness: By recharging and refilling, users reduce the amount of waste generated from single-use disposables. This contributes to less environmental pollution, especially considering the plastic and electronic waste.

All BEAR Pro Max Flavours:

  • Blueberry – Dive deep into the lush orchards with every puff as the sweet and juicy taste of fresh blueberries wraps around your palate, ensuring a berry-filled journey.
  • Blueberry Raspberry – Embark on a fruity escapade as the sugary notes of ripe blueberries intertwine seamlessly with the tart undertones of raspberries, offering a balanced blend of sweet meets sour.
  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry – Jolt your senses with the puckering punch of blue raspberries, twisted with a sour kick, promising a wild, tangy adventure with every inhale
  • Creamy Tobacco – Indulge in the rich, robust notes of classic tobacco, mellowed with a creamy base, bringing forth a comforting and velvety smoking experience.
  • Lemon Lime – Unleash a zesty whirlwind, as the lively tango of tart lemon and zingy lime creates a citrusy symphony, electrifying your senses.
  • Melon Mix – Get transported to a tropical paradise as the juicy and refreshing flavours of assorted melons, including watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew, harmonise for a summery delight.
  • Rainbow – Revel in a kaleidoscope of flavours, as the iconic tangy-sweet delights of rainbow Nerds whisk you back to carefree candy-filled days.
  • Strawberry Blast – Take a trip down strawberry fields as the explosive taste of ripe and juicy strawberries bursts onto your tastebuds, promising a berry-good time.
  • Strawberry Raspberry Cherry – Plunge into a berry bonanza, as the sweet undertones of strawberries fuse with the tangy kick of raspberries and the luscious taste of cherries for a triple fruity delight.
  • Super Mint – Awaken your senses with the icy blast of pure mint, promising a refreshing and crisp vape that’s perfect for those seeking a chilling thrill.

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