Duracell Industrial Procell AAA Batteries Box of 10

Duracell Procell AAA Box of 10

Replaces the Industrial by Duracell brand label

single use and safe disposal



Product Description

Duracell Procell AAA Box of 10

Procell is the new, updated range that replaces the Industrial by Duracell brand label. Supplied in an economically packaged format, this multipack of ten AAA batteries is available to business customers only.

Procell AAA or LR03 replacement batteries deliver reliable, long-lasting power. Typically specified for small appliances, some frequent applications include pulse oximeters, digital thermometers, automatic flush valve control units and alarm panels. Other common uses such as remote security cameras, two-way radios and miniature torches make stockholdings of this popular size useful in workshops, offices and shops. Conveniently, every cell has an individual date code to aid effective inventory management.

Procell batteries are for single use and safe disposal in accordance with the instructions. Notably, this product is part of the Duracell constant improvement programme. Each LR03/AAA or ID2400 size cell comes with a quality warranty based on ANSI and IEC international safety recommendations; the recommended operating temperature limits are between -20°C and +54° Celsius.

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