Duracell Procell C LR14 PC1400 Batteries | Box of 10

Duracell Procell C LR14 PC1400 Batteries

1.5 Volts and maximum capacity 8,100mA/h

Box of 10

1-3 days delivery lead



Product Description

Procell C-size cylindrical 1.5V batteries feature alkaline manganese dioxide chemistry and are suitable for medium to high drain applications such as photo strobes, alarm panels and flashlights. Various types of faucet (Sloan) control valves, automatic deodorisers and paper towel dispensers also specify this common replacement battery size.

Each of these single-use LR14 cells measures approximately 50 millimetres in height by 26 millimetres in diameter. Economically packaged, they offer reliable performance and excellent resistance to corrosion.

Procell is the rebranded and updated battery range that replaces the former Industrial by Duracell brand. This cost-effective multipack contains ten new C-size cells and is available to business customers only.

A respected manufacturer, Procell participates in the Duracell continuous improvement programme. Their LR14/C-size batteries meet all relevant quality standards and are direct substitutes for product codes AM2, BABY, E93, KC and ID1400. The nominal cell potential is 1.5 Volts and maximum capacity 8,100mA/h.

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