Soundshuttle Portable Hearing Induction Loop – W34500


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Product Description

Portable Hearing Induction Loop

Essential for every Surgery and Health Centres

With the patient’s hearing aid switched to the ‘T’ position, the microphone in Soundshuttle picks up the speaker’s voice and converts it into a magnetic field. This field is received by the portable hearing aid, allowing the user to hear more clearly.
* Essential for every Surgery and Consulting Room.

* Reduces annoying background noise.

* ‘Plug and Play’.

* Easy to operate, self-contained and fully portable.

* Supplied with its own dedicated power supply/battery charger.

* Meets the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

* Compliant to the Medical EMC Directive, allowing its use in medical environments.

* Attractive, compact and stylish.

* Immediately recognisable by its distinctive shape and graphics.

* Un-Paralleled sound clarity.

Because of its precise range, concerns about other hearing aid users listening to private conversations are completely eliminated

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