Duracell Lithium DL123 CR123A Battery | 1 Pack

Duracell Lithium DL123 CR123A Battery

1 Pack

Long Life



Product Description

Designed specifically for high drain applications such as digital cameras, Duracell High Power Lithium batteries from will outperform other battery chemistries by far. This DL123 battery is a high capacity, 3V single-use cell engineered for reliable, constant power output.

The lithium-iron disuilfide chemistry of these cells ensures reliability, even in extreme cold. It also makes these batteries 33% lighter than alkaline cells. Spiral wound electrodes are one of the design features that make these batteries ideal for photographic applications.

With the highest power of any CR123a battery made by Duracell and a 7-year shelf life, these batteries will be ready to run your camera or other device reliably when you need it.

This product was recently rebranded from Duracell Ultra Lithium to Duracell High Power Lithium.

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