Henry Schein Disposable Vaginal Speculum (Pack of 25)

Strong, sterile, disposable vaginal speculum.

Available in 5 sizes.

Has a built-in failsafe.

Crystal clear, for maximum visibility.

100% latex free.

Unique product identification number for traceability.



Product Description

High-quality, reliable, disposable vaginal speculum which offers predictable performance. Can be utilised in the majority of gynaecological procedures, such as cervical smear tests and IUCD fittings. Fast-acting locking mechanism for reduced procedure durations and less patient trauma. Silent operation for improved patient experience.Professional medical grade clear plastic. Conveniently packed in a dispenser box with clear size indication. Eliminates the need for decontamination and re-sterilisation, reducing costs and saving time. Guaranteed sterility to eliminate cross infection.

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