Omron NEW M3 Comfort Omron- OM-M3 COM HEM-7155-E

The NEW Omron M3 Comfort, £57 Inc Vat

OM-M3 COM HEM-7155-E

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Product Description

Omron NEW M3 Comfort

Omron presents the new M3 comfort – an addition to its already wide range of devices for measuring blood pressure. This product works with the unique and specially designed cuff, the Omron – Intelli Wrap Cuff. Thanks to its innovative design, the measuring range of this collar completely covers 360 degrees, providing accurate measurements in any position above the elbow. The


* 360ᴼ precision thanks to an innovative wristband – Intelli Wrap Cuff

* LED Color indicator for high blood pressure

* Opening of irregular heartbeat

* Indications of correctly fitted cuff

* Memory for two users (60 measurements each)

* Indication of body movement

* Clinically validated – Complies with the European Society of Hypertension standards

The Intelli Cuff

Due to the Intelli Wrap cuffs accurate measurement zone that wraps 360 around the upper arm, it is almost impossible incorrectly place. This mean that in comparison to a regular BP cuff, you are much less likely to receive an inaccurate result.

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