Medical Gloves

Medical gloves are disposable gloves used to help prevent cross-contamination between wearer and patient or environment. We sell a variety of medical gloves to GP surgeries, hotels, care homes, businesses and homes primarily but not limited to the United Kingdom.

Employers should carefully consider the risks when selecting gloves in the workplace, because of the importance of latex gloves as a source of exposure to NRL proteins. If unsure please contact us or visit HSE’s website for guidance on gloves in the workplace:

MHRA Registered: We are MHRA approved licence holder, working closely with the National Health Service (NHS) regularly supplying wholesale medical products. This demonstrates our level of commitment to quality and excellence. We also work closely with many other types of business in the United Kingdom.

Who we work with: We work closely with GP surgeries, hotels, nursing homes and care homes and many other businesses in the United Kingdom.

Can’t find your product? If you cannot find your item we can often source it for you so please contact us.

Global Orders: If you are situated outside of the United Kingdom we may also be able to help, please contact us for a tailed quotation including shipping.

Medical Gloves for Sale