Instrapac Sterile Disposable Adsons Suture Pack- 7846


Instrapac 7846 Sterile Disposable Adsons Suture Pack £4 Inc Vat


Single Use Adson Suture Pack containing instruments suitable for a wide variety of suturing procedures. Includes toothed and non-toothed Adson forceps. All instruments are manufactured from medical grade surgical stainless steel. Supplied in an easy to open, sterile pack.

* High quality suture instruments
* Lower cost alternative to reprocessing reusable instruments
* Protects patients against cross infection risks
* Full compliance with the Medical Devices Directive

Pack Contents
* Kilner Needle Holder 14cm – x1
* Iris Stitch Scissors – Straight 11.5cm – x1
* Adson Forceps – Toothed 12.5cm – x1
* Adson Forceps – Non-Toothed 12.5cm – x1